Viner Burch Global (VBG) brings emerging, game-changing technologies to private and public organizations in countries desiring to significantly increase their production and efficiencies.


Eran Viner

Eran is an entrepreneur who has created and driven many businesses to success. He is a skilled negotiator, and always finds a way for all parties to be happy with whichever deal ends up being executed.

Raymond Burch

Ray is an international management and leadership consultant with over 40 years of experience in over 30 countries.  Along with being a consultant, he is also a passionate volleyball coach/player who has earned 3 World Masters Gold Medals and 15 US Open Gold Medals.

Yoni Viner

Yoni, is an entrepreneur and technology analyst focusing on products and companies which can increase value to markets, speed up efficiency, and create new trends for industries.


Irvine, CA, USA

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